“Say little, do much” –St. Vincent de Paul

                        TEAM LEADER FAQs

Why should I be a team leader?

  • Become part of the VSD tradition and VSD community.
  • Meet new people: other team leaders, student participants, community partners.
  • Challenge yourself to have a different experience, outside of the participant position.
  • You will interact with members of the community and foster relationships.
  • You will be engaging in service that will be of benefit not only to others, but to you as well.

  • Who do I contact to ask questions pertain to team leaders?

  • Amal Saleh, coordinator of marketing and team leader training asaleh7@depaul.edu

  • What is required of a TL?

  • Attend one Team Leader training session on the following dates:

    - Tuesday, April 8th—7-8:00pm: Library Room 400
    - Monday, April 14th—7-8:00pm: Library Room 400
    - Wednesday, April 16th—7-8:00pm: Library Room 400
    - Monday, April 21st—7-8:00pm: Library Room 400

  • Attend the Team Leader Kick- Off Event on Friday, April 25th—5-6:30pm.

  • What will I gain?

  • Leadership skills: valuable across all fields of future employment.

  • Friends: come and network with other leaders on campus.

  • A sense of community: come and help out your community and reflect on everyday experiences.

  • How will being a VSD Team Leader help me in the future?

  • Great experience to apply transferable skills, such as facilitation and leadership skills.


  •                         VOLUNTEER FAQs

    What is VSD?

    Vincentian Service Day (VSD) gathers over 1,500 DePaul community members who dedicate a day of service to our Chicago community partners. It occurs on the 1st Saturday of May ever year. This day is rooted in Vincentian values, responds to community needs across Chicago, and is truly an inspirational day for everyone involved!

    How can I register my student organization?

    If you are a DePaul student organization and you want to do service together, you may send a roster of participants to cteach@depaul.edu. The roster MUST include first names, last names, student ID #s, emails, and phone numbers of every participant.

    When is the last day for individuals to register for VSD?

    The last day to register ONLINE is Monday, APRIL 28th!

    What is the role of a team leader, and who will be my team leader?

    You will know who your team leader is on the morning of VSD and they will have a specific t-shirt indicating they are a team leader. Your team leader is in charge of many aspects of VSD including travel to the service site, managing the service once at the site, communicating with VSD staff regarding any emergencies/issues that arise, and leading a reflection at the conclusion of service.

    What do I wear?

    What you wear will be dictated by the site that you are assigned to, but don’t worry! You will receive more information the week of Vincentian Service Day that will help you get dressed appropriately for your service. Regardless of where you are going, remember to show Chicago your DePaul pride by sporting some of your favorite DePaul swag!

    How do I get to my service site?

    You will get to your service site (depending on how far away it is) by CTA bus or train. Some groups will also be arriving by a hired bus depending on the location of the site. There is even a possibility the site may be in walking distance. Either way, don’t forget to bring your U-pass with you and follow your team leader! They will have directions on how to get there.

    How long will I be doing service?

    You will be at your service site for 2-3 hours, helping the organization with whatever tasks they have planned. Around 1pm, you will do a brief reflection with your group. Afterwards, you can proceed to head back to DePaul’s Quad for the Service and Justice Fair.

    Do I need to bring lunch?

    No. Lunch will be provided for our volunteers upon arriving back to the Quad. We encourage you to eat a big breakfast the morning of Vincentian Service day, to bring snacks, and to bring your own water bottle.

    What exactly is the Service and Justice Fair?

    The Service and Justice Fair is when all participants of VSD reconnect on the DePaul Quad for a picnic and activities that include music, art reflection, and interaction with various Service and Justice groups on and off campus. It is a fun way to cap off a great day of service and feel connected to the rest of the DePaul community.

    What are some examples of past projects?

    In past VSD we have done a variety of work including: gardening, painting, organizing files, sorting out donations, mural painting, and more. We are also glad to help you on any another project you may have on hand.

    How do I register to volunteer on Vincentian Service Day?

    Registration is easy! Simply visit serviceday.depaul.edu and click on Register. Then scroll through the available sites and choose a site you would like to volunteer at on VSD.

    I want to be a Team Leader, How do I start that process?

    All team leader inquiries should be directed at Amal Saleh. Please email her at asaleh7@depaul.edu

    Thank you for living the Vincentian mission of service! Our community partners appreciate your support to work with them on Saturday, May 3rd and for your commitment to learn about ways to get involved throughout the year.

                          Enjoy the day; we will see you at the Service Justice Fair!